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  • Several bug fixes involving the object intersection system are thanks to Danilo Nitsche and Marko Walther.
  • The material system, luminary system, frame/camera systems are influenced by ggLibrary. Many of the geometric utilities also come from ggLibrary. ggLibrary is a graphics library written by Peter Shirley and several students after him. It was started around 1993. Peter Shirley et. al also wrote another probabilistic ray tracer named EON which I am told is based on ggLibrary.
  • The CIE_XYZ to RGB color conversion, MandelbrotFractal painter and MRU Cache is courtesy of Dan McCormick.
  • Mersenne Twister random number generator uses the faster implementation by Shawn Cokus and Matthe Bellew on the work of the original authors, Takuji Nishimura and Makoto Matsumoto.
  • Quartic, cubic and quadric root solvers are from Jochen Schwarze's Graphics Gems II gem, Cubic and Quartic Roots.
  • Thanks to Christopher Kulla and his SunFlow renderer from which the irradiance cache and cache gradients are derived.
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