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Downloading Source directly from CVS

R.I.S.E. is no longer available for download directly from CVS.
The current (and final) version of R.I.S.E. is 1.1.0 Build 80

Download Installer

The easiest way to get R.I.S.E. for Windows is to download the installer version. The installer includes the latest Windows binaries along with all the sample scenes, models, textures and source code.

RISEInstall_1.1.exe - RISE installer for Windows (P4 or higher, requires .NET framework)

Download Data files (only required for building from source)

If you downloaded and compiled the source, you might want the data files which contains sample scenes, textures and models: - Zipped data file

Download Source

May 8, 2006
  • Options file has been added for controlling various global rendering parameters
  • Added OpenEXR support (half format only)
  • Made irradiance caching two pass
  • Improved orthographic camera
  • Trimmed ManagedJob to just the parts that we need for .NET version
  • Fixed negative value bug with Radiance HDR format
  • Improved SSS by doing a proper sampling of mesh geometry (triangle mesh geometry now randomly picks the triangle according to the CDF of the areas)
  • Thread safe final gather
  • Thread safe rasterizer state caching
  • Number of CPUs are now counted (windows only)
  • Updated external libraries (libpng, zlib, libtiff)
  • MP support (windows only)
  • Proper color management
  • Internal color space is now linear ROMM RGB (ProPhotoRGB)
  • XCode 2.2 is now the supported version
  • Visual 2005 project generation
  • Fixed bug in CSG Object intersection_only
  • Fixed non updates of UI in .NET
  • Copyright changes
  • Fix for the zr / zv stuff in diffusion approximation SSS
  • Using a combination and cubic spline interpolation and linear interpolator in the DataDrivenBSDF
  • Fixes bugs related to random numbers (from Danilo)
  • Fixed bug with BSP and Octrees and ignoring hidden objects
  • Shadow ray distances are pulled back by 0.01
  • Fixed bug with not dividing by num samples with 0 variance after taking initial samples
  • ProgressCall refactoring
  • Atmopsherics (3DS MAX only)
  • Moved the GlobalRadianceMap to the scene from the RayCaster
  • Added environments to the 3DS MAX plugin
  • Moved RASTERIZER_STATE into the RayIntersectionGeometric
  • Pass the RASTERIZER_STATE into BSDFs and consequently lights as well
  • Added tooltips - RISE v. 1.1.0 build 80

Downloading an older version of R.I.S.E.
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